George Lowden Luthier

I began making guitars professionally in 1974 and since then I have made a small number of acoustic and concert classic guitars each year for personal clients. In June 2010 I finished a steel string and also a concert classic and that makes 373 ! guitars since I started.

My prices start at £10,500 and I have included a price guide below which includes options etc.

My base price includes Master grade tonewoods (Honduras or Madagascar rosewood back and sides, cedar or sitka top, Gotoh 510 machineheads (or hand made Rodgers for classic guitars) special shell rosette, all figured wood inlays and back of head overlay. A Hiscox Liteflight Artist case is also included as standard. Scale length, neck width and playing action will be to your choice. I hand voice each guitar specifically for your playing style and tonal balance preferences.

Availability: In 1996 I had a 4 year waiting list and decided to withdraw my web site at that stage. Last month one of my clients (a concert guitarist from Switzerland) contacted me and told me he had heard I was not making personal guitars anymore! I was very surprised and asked him why he thought that. He replied that it was because the Lowden Guitars web site no longer had any mention of my own guitars. Therefore I have decided to place the information once again on the web.

Current waiting time is: Early 2015

To place an order:- Contact me to agree all the details and specifications and confirm the order with a non-refundable booking deposit of £250.

When I am beginning to make the guitar I will contact you for a further payment of 50% of the final price.
The rest is payable when the guitar is finished (usually about 3 months later)

For those whose budget does not quite stretch to my prices and / or who would like a guitar quickly please check out my workshop guitars

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