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F23 left Hand

S23 was first designed for Nick Web of acoustic Alchemy back in 1991. Since then I have added the O & F models.

The O 23 has become a great favorite for its deep resonant and complex tone .... rather like a slightly mellower version of the 22. Sweet, warm, clear, quite light and yet complex. As an alternative the O35 w/c with its AAAA tonewoods will be a little clearer and more defined.
The F 23 is a little more ‘punchy’ and focused in common with all the mid sized F range. The F35 W/SS is an alternative choice if you would like all the focused projection and yet with a tad extra clarity.
The S 23 is the first small bodied steel string I designed. I adjusted the soundbox geometry and voicing to accentuate bass - I knew in a concert sized body the treble would be good anyway. The S 23 with its medium hard AAA walnut back and sides and cedar top is warm, very loud and well balanced.