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35 Cuban Mahogany
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Model Shown: F35x Cuban Mahogany/Adirondack (with custom figured maple bevel option)

George is always on the look out for something special, whether it's an opportunity to design something new or to use unique new tonewoods. So when he was approached by one of our tonewood suppliers saying that they had found a limited supply of 100+ year old Cuban Mahogany in a very old furniture restoration company in London, George knew we had something special. The wood had been imported around the turn of the 20th Century and the ageing of this wood has given it incredible looks, varying from dark brown to bright orange and the tone has all the classic woody nuances of mahogany but is sweeter, more powerful and refined. We immediately made 20 Cuban Mahogany Special Editions which proved to be so popular, George decided to introduce the wood into the 35 series. Featuring either a Cedar top for clarity and definition or an Adirondack Spruce top for sweetness and attack, this guitar will appeal to the player looking for something truly special.