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Lowden guitars are hand built in Ireland by a dedicated team of craftsmen working with George Lowden.

Every Lowden guitar across the range is shaped and voiced by hand from the finest materials, to exacting specifications. Whether you are a current Lowden player or soon to be one, we would love to hear from you. You can view galleries of Lowden guitars
*here* and please connect with us and explore the range in more detail using the links below.

Original Series | 35 Series | 50 Series | Signature Series | Jazz Series

32SE Stage Edition | The Baritone | The 38

Fan Fret

2014 Pricing:
UK - £GBP | EC- EURO | North America - $USD
George Lowden 40th anniversary
Every Guitar Has a Voice

In this series George Lowden comments on the aspects that contribute to the voice of the Lowden acoustic guitar.

Episode 1 can be found below, view Episodes 3-7 and other videos by George Lowden on our Youtube Channel


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The new Wee Lowden!

Coming to selected Lowden retailers from Spring 2014
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The Lowden Fan Fret
The fan fret option is available across the range
“The main aim of the design is to increase bass depth through increasing the string length on the bass side, while at the same time achieving more ‘bell like’ trebles by shortening the string length on the treble side. However, it is important to choose string lengths which will allow any player to quickly adapt to the fan fret design ...
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